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Are you looking to relocate to an area with world class outdoor activities, year-round warm weather, and affordable housing? Do you want to work in a trendy and modern clinical setting with other physiotherapists who strive to provide the best possible care to their patients? Want to live close to a big city, but still have the feel of a small town? Then you should consider relocating to the Cowichan Valley! We are located in wine country, just 40 minutes north of Victoria and 40 minutes south of Nanaimo.

Cowichan Valley - Dougan Lake, BCCowichan Valley - Dougan Lake, BC

Here are the Top 7 reasons Thrive Now Physiotherapy could be right for you!

1. Our reputation.

We’ve been established for 18 years and have built up a solid reputation in that time. We’ve got great referral sources from all of the physicians AND surgeons in our area. We treat people from all walks of life, from the injured worker to the Olympic level athlete. Our track record of delivering quality service has resulted in many of these same patients referring their own friends and family.

2. Our progressive approach.

We don’t rest on our laurels. We’re continually looking to stay ahead of the curve and offer the most advanced treatment options for our patients. Our practitioners are trained in IMS, spinal manipulation, acupuncture, vestibular rehab, and neurokinetic therapy to name but a few. Looking for mentorship with a FCAMPT accredited member? We’ve got that too!

3. Our unique approach to marketing.

The mission statement of most clinics all sound the same. Most patients can’t make any sense of it. Ours is simple, we want our patients to “Recover Faster!” This is something that resonates with our patients. After all, that’s what they want! In order to make sure we can deliver this we have created our 5-Step Plan that lets them know how we will deliver on this promise.

4. EMR and instant access to medical imaging

Our office has been using electronic medical records (EMR) for 3 years now, allowing for a much more stream-lined approach to charging, billing, scheduling, and access to medical imaging. Each clinician has access to a laptop computer to allow them to chart while working with clients. You also won’t have to wait for imaging reports to be faxed over from various sources as we have immediate access to electronic imaging reports through our local health authority.

5. Our great administrative staff.

Our admin staff go the extra mile to ensure that your scheduling, billing, and reporting process goes as smoothly as possible. They also pride themselves in delivering the best possible customer service possible so your patients enter and leave happy! The only thing you need to do is your job – treating clients.

6. Affordable lifestyle for your family.

Want to own a half acre property where there is space for the dog to run and where you can have your own garden? Well, that reality is affordable here in the Cowichan Valley. Worried about the schools for your kids? Well, don’t be. Whether it be the public schools, or some of the many world renowned private schools in our area, your children will have every chance to excel!

7. Enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

Cowichan literally means “the warm land” when translated from the aboriginal language. We have one of the highest average temperatures in all of Canada. Like to golf? We’ve got 3 great courses. Like to mountain bike? Some of the best trails in all of BC are at your back door. Kayaking? Yep! Fishing? Which one, freshwater or saltwater, ’cause we’ve got both. The possibilities are endless.

Panoramic view of Tofino. The sleepy village of Tofino on the West coast of Vancouver Island is now becoming a hot spot for tourism and second homes.


Please contact Co-Owner Patrick Jadan through e-mail at patrick.jadan@thrivenowphysio.com

or by calling us at:  250-743-3833


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